Order of the Shadeweavers

Shadeweaversweb.png-Territory: primary bases of research in Syraad and Azran, roaming clergies found across Avala
-Leader: High Shade Irian Zaurret
-Domains: the study of The Shadewalker, binding, voiding, and exaltation rituals, necromancy, blood magic.

The shadeweavers know they are unpopular and misunderstood, and are fine with that. Their primary goal is to enact the will of Vanahe and to educate any who would listen.

There are, simply speaking, two religious “sides” on Avala. The most common is the Children of the Great Sky, aka Chrayism. The other much smaller and highly taboo religious viewpoint is the Balance of Shade, aka Vanaism.

-though they do not find five-point stars or pentagons blasphemous, six-point stars and hexagons are commonly used in amulets and other decoration, acknowledging the Six.
- the term “Shadeweaver” can generally refer to any member who takes an active role in the religion, research included, with High Shade as their head. Since their numbers are so few, all members tend to use the term.
-only the Order of the Shadeweavers, the branch of members actively doing the will of Vanahe, are voided.
-The religious text, The Book of Balance, is the only account of Vanahe in existence. It was rescued from the Library of the Moonspire before Lightseekers found and destroyed it. during the second march of sanctification, CoGS declared the book heresy and unfit to pollute the library with its lies. All associated knowledge uncovered from the Book was also stricken from record. Now only Shadeweavers know anything about Vanahe and his council.
-Knowledge, equality, acceptance, and balance are cornerstones of the belief system. members are free to worship whoever they like.
-The only places where Shadeweavers are free to openly study and practice their beliefs are in Syraad and the Moonlit Isle.
-The goal of BoS is for all spirits to become complete and equal, and to be able to create new life forms – mortal/spirit hybrids, like Vanahe did.

Order of the Shadeweavers

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