Lightseekersweb.png-Territory: temples across all lands, heavy presence in Streik, Corrias, Rylanden, Sioran
-Leader: First Seeker Leon Ovhurst
-Domains: dedicated to the study and perpetuation of the Cycle. The lightseekers enforce the principles of Chrayis’ plan of reincarnation and fight any who oppose it.

sworn enemies of the Order of the Shadeweavers and of ombran elves.

There are, simply speaking, two religious “sides” on Avala. The most common is the Children of the Great Sky, aka Chrayism. The other much smaller and highly taboo religious viewpoint is the Balance of Shade, aka Vanaism.

-pentagons and five-point stars are common decorations with CoGS and the Lightseekers. six-point stars and hexagons are considered blasphemous symbols.
-Lightseekers are the military arm of the Children of the Great Sky, with the First Seeker as their head.
-Worship of any/all of the Alta, Ascendi, or Konateka gods/demi-gods is welcome.
-The Book of Balance is forbidden. speaking of the Shadewalker is forbidden. speaking against Chrayis’ plan of reincarnation is forbidden.
-Ombran elves, teiflings, half-orcs, and other “uncivilized or monstrous” races are unwelcome.
-Voided mortal vessels are to be killed on sight.
-The goal of the CoGS is to follow the reincarnation cycle to its end, when all lesser spirits gain experience, meet their counterparts, and ascend to the lower council. mortals bodies will become irrelevant. (no one is quite sure what will happen to the mortals on Avala when the spirits no longer need them. most think Chrayis will purge the world of them, and the spirits will live on Avala openly. others think the spirits will continue to rule over the mortal beings.)

One of the most fearsome acts of the lightseekers is a March of Sanctification. there have been only two in history. the first was when the original temples, across the world, were destroyed. they depicted The Six, and first seeker at the time decreed that ANY depiction of the Shadewalker was too dangerous. New temples were then build with no acknowledgement of Vanahe.

the second march was against the Library of the Moonspire. all written accounts mentioning Vanahe were to be found and destroyed, and the library was the last vault of knowledge unhindered by politics or religion. The altan elves resisted and were eventually able to drive out the Lightseekers. Only one account of Vanahe survived: the Book of Balance. After the second march of sanctification, the altan elves became very closed off and the Moonlit Isle restricted its borders. Azran became practically closed to outsiders.

So far, the Lightseekers have not moved against Syraad. so long as the residents stay within the country, Lightseekers ignore them. which is why the Shadeweavers are able to operate freely there. Once the Lightseekers have the resources and power, they will eventually march against Syraad to wipe out the Shadeweavers, ombran elves, and all the unholy evil therein with one stroke.


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