The Principality of Corrias
-Abbreviation: CR
-Demonym: Corrian
-Flag: silver crown with sun motif centered on white with amber pale dexter, light green pale sinister, edged in gold fringe.
-Capital city: Blackwind
-Other major cities: Eveningride, Ironwood, Crestvale
-Government: monarchy
-Ruler: Prince Dominik Streiklund
-Populations: human majority, ventan elf, some gnome and dwarf townships
-Factions Present: The Streik Empire, The Thieves Guild, Hand of Vaalath, Arcanists, Lightseekers
-Chief Exports: wheat, lumber, textiles, livestock
-Attractions: Flora Temple ruins, Temple of the Fleeting Wind, Lake of Souls, Starfall Bay, Lake Thaelos, Tharsik Bay,

marshland and patches of evergreen forests dominate the southern half of the country. the north boasts some farms and expansive white sand beaches. the west gets more arid close to the desert. a stretch of pine forest divides it from Streik, but logging and development shrink it more every year.

Part of the Streik empire, first expansion by the emperor, ruled by Emperor Streiklund’s younger son. Prince Dominik is betrothed to a warlord’s daughter in Kelsian in attempt to add land and influence further west.

Only eastern Corrian use the Royal and Sovereign titles in everyday communication. (influence from Streik) Though many Streiksmen Nobility and Sovereignty insist on it when being addressed by commoners.

*A loosely organized band of dishonored ventan elves known as the Southwind Blades exist outside the rule and culture of their kind within Corrias. Nomadic mercenaries, they trade their skills for supplies or coin and travel where demand arises. The “leader” is chosen or reaffirmed each year by a 2-day competition of strength and overall worth to the group. Any member can challenge the standing leader. The current leader is Rashka Starfire.

-weather: varied. the central hills and coasts are mild, the south is cold and boggy. western corrias is arid and warm.
-clothing: depends on area. cities mirror much of what is in fashion in Streik. much of the country trends toward elven inspired apparel. leather is popular across all social circles.
-dwellings: most large buildings are a combination of stone and wood. smaller towns are entirely built in wood.
-industry, livestock: corrias thrives on its farms and lumber industry. the marshlands in the south produce paper from marshgrass, peat and shellfish also come from these lands. sheepweed for textiles grows in the central hills, hardy cows and sheep pastures often border forests and fields of grain.
-social strata: similar to Streik, but on a smaller scale. nobility > merchants/landowners > farmers/herders. Streik traditions and customs of society become more prevalent the closer one gets to the border.
-religion: the most popular deity is actually Barese the flora spirit, despite Ivos being the patron. worship of many others exist.
-music/arts: folk music is a part of everyday life for most, but since almost everyone is a performer of some kind, they are not celebrated like in Streik. visual arts come mostly in the forms of decorating the practical : carved wood beams in buildings, intricate tooling on leather, etc. animals, esp. horses, are popular themes.
-recreation: hunting, archery, and horse racing are popular.
-education: a few colleges in the capital offer higher education. tradesmen and merchants rarely take advantage of it. some of the wealthier families send their children to Streik for their educations. most Corrians are happy to take up a trade as soon as they are physically able.

views & attitudes on:

-magic use: indifference to both arcane and divine magics.
-other races: Corrias is much more mixed than Streik, and humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomes don’t turn heads. other races will get some attention, but not in a negative way. except of course for Syraada or tieflings.
-strangers/travelling: strangers are nothing unusual, per se, but the Corrians are rarely interested in travelling anywhere other than to Streik or Prels.
-change v. traditions: change is greeted with no resistance, as long as it can be seen as a betterment of everyday life.
-slavery, servitude: while both are technically legal as Corrias is a part of the Empire, Prince Dom dislikes both, and discourages them in practice among his subjects.


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