Daral Thanamer

Pirate Captain of The Rat Bastard


-Full Name: Daral Thanamer
-Title: Captain of The Rat Bastard
-Race: halfling
-Gender: male
-Age: 33
-Birthplace: Stillgrove, Prels
-Skin: tan
-Hair: blond
-Eyes: green blue
-Build: lean
-Distinguishing Features: several facial scars, close to blind in left eye. keeps a chain of mummified body parts on his belt.

sadistic when he’s bored or threatened, pragmatic and ambitious otherwise. uses pain and violence to impose his will on others. pretty much everyone who gets to know him is either disgusted, frightened, or both. Thanamer is by far the nastiest and cruelest of the Captains. He has maimed members of his own crew for talking back.


Daral Thanamer was the kind of kid who pulled a wing off insects to watch their pitiful squirming and failed attempts at flight. When he isn’t being completely sadistic, he is quite pragmatic and ambitious. All traits which made him unpopular in his quaint halfling village. The village elders politely asked him to leave when he was 15, and he obliged, casually setting fire to a field of wheat as he left the outskirts of the settlement.

Daral filled his time as he wandered with stealing, fighting, arson and any twisted form of cruelty he could dream up. The young halfling spent almost 5 years as a vagabond, scourge of Prels, before being tempted aboard a gnomish ship with promises of raiding and general mayhem. He found gnomes a fun lot, much more like himself than any halfling he’d ever met.

He spent a few years with the gnomes, and his wanderings provided knowledge of the area’s terrain and settlements. Daral became the ship’s navigator. Just as he was beginning to get bored, his ship engaged a Kels merchant vessel. both ships ended up disabled, but lo and behold! a pirate ship approached, seizing the Kels ship. Daral saw an opportunity and leapt at it. killing his own captain and first mate. He then presented himself to the pirates, along with his newly acquired ship, pledging loyalty in exchange for his life and a chance to sail with the fleet.

The Rat Bastard is the fastest and stealthiest ship in the Fleet, but the least defensible. It is used in ambushing vessels, esp. under cover of night. The Bastard, being a gnomish ship and designed for shorter folk, is completely manned by gnomes, halflings, and dwarves.

Daral Thanamer

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