The Ununified Warclans of Kels

The primary powers in Kelsian are clan Valko (majority territory holders) and clan Jagra.

KelsianValkoweb.png Valko, Ivan IV (human)
northwest region, largest land-holders. Views joining The Streik Empire as a stepping stone to facilitate retaking control of the country. No real loyalty to Streiklund.

Maersk, Konstantin (human)
mid and west, allied with Valko. Worried they will be annexed after Valko merges with the Streik Empire. Considering officially joining clan Valko on their own terms before the Prince and Princess wed.

Valko and Maersk have an alliance of loyalty and protection between them, allowing their continued dominance in the area. Neither is, as of yet, interested in merging with the other. (Maersk will likely join Valko after the marriage of Princess Niama to Prince Dominik, fearing the Streik Empire would forcefully overtake them anyway.)

Jagraweb.png Jagra, Auramira (human)
southeast along desert. hostile towards Valko. Willing to go to war with the Streik Empire rather than surrender land.

Valkopravaweb.png Valkoprava, Viktor (human)
mid/south east. descendants of Asha Valko. sides with Jagra. Would consider combining with Jagra as a last resort.

DeFron, Vincent (human)
mideast. sides with Valko. Will honor a call to arms by Ivan Valko, but otherwise trying to stay away from the Streik Empire.

Helion, Gustav (human)
south. sides with Jagra. Will fight to defend Jagra, but unwilling to dissolve the clan into Jagra.

Swiftbow, Remi (elf)
north. would consider joining Valko or elven tribes in Rylanden, whichever made the better offer. Either way, Clan Swiftbow has considered their eventual future as a holding of the Streik Empire, and would rather cooperate than risk mass loss of life.

Blaize, Wolfram (dwarf)
northeast. unaligned. Negotiating annexation with Rylanden. Vehemently against becoming a part of the Streik Empire.

The Ununified Warclans of Kels

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