The Thieves Guild

Thievesweb.png-Territory: Streik. with Guildhalls in Corrias and Prels. expanding into Kelsian and greater Stonescale.
-Leader: Morika Emberfade
-Domains: thieving, fencing, smuggling, poisons – sold thru black market and direct to their contact in the Hand of Vaalath

The guild maintains its presence through strategic self-imposed hits as well as request work from their network of allies.

One of the Guild’s most lucrative business agreements is with the Pirate Fleet and with The Library of the Moonspire. The Fleet often takes payment from Rael’Na in the form of dragonlore – art, books, scrolls, and other artifacts related to the knowledge and keeping of the dragonborn’s ancient kin. The pirates then sell these items to the Thieves Guild, who trade it with the Library. In return they receive magic items, potions, enchanted weapons or exotic Altan textiles and jewelry.

Prince Dom is hell-bent on eradicating the Guild from his holdings in Corrias. Meanwhile, the Guild is tenuously working towards securing a relationship within the Streik Empire’s upper crust.

-Morika Emberfade, half-ventan female

former Guildmaster, Merchant’s Guild contact, lookout:
-Baron Twinkletoes, gnome male

Senior members:
-G’elddar Rilynval, ombran male. pickpocket expert. twin of Solmur’ss

-Solmur’ss Rilynval, ombran male. lockpick expert. twin of G’elddar

-Nathis the Fishy, halfling male. small blades expert. (got his nickname from a job where he smuggled himself into a mark’s house by hiding inside a large fish delivered to the kitchen. still smelled fishy when he got back.)

-Frederiko Varra, human male. archery expert. (former Streik guard)

-Finnan Viperkiss, gnome male. poisons brewmaster. (grew up with Abri)

-Ilyonnara’Abricorliaris “Abri” SeaGaze, kashan female. intel, illusory magic expert. (grew up with Finnan)

notable former members:

-Mikha Dane, human male. Now one of the seven in the Hand.

The Thieves Guild

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