The Council of Three

Rylanden has a ruling council comprised of a representative from each of the country’s majority races. The Council of Three: each race’s ruler is simply the representative of their race with the most land and supporters.

Lady Jes Kaja, human. Lady Jes controls much of the coastlands in the north of Rylanden, and is the one keeping Windsong open to trade with the tieflings.

Zawn Silverstar, kashan elf. Silverstar holds the central plains and the western coast. His presence is the only reason the Moonlit Isle will ship goods so freely to the southern lands.

Juhl Ironstone, dwarf. Juhl’s vigilance and will keep the Battlements secure. He has little patience for the unrest in Kelsian, but would oblige any dwarves there who seek to join him.

The Council of Three

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