The BlackThorn Company

Blackthornweb.png-Territory: Kelsian. also work in Rylanden, The Moonlit Isle, and Corrias. rarely into Stonescale.
-Leader: Terixel “Ter” Blueiron
-Domains: general mercenary work, hired muscle but not contract killers.
-Current contract: Clan Valko in Kelsian
[a few specific operatives are on retainer for other employers, though the bulk of Blackthorn’s resources are promised to Valko.]

Emperor Streiklund attempted to buy Blackthorn out of their contract with Valko, but Ter does not operate that way, much to Streiklund’s annoyance. Commander Blueiron is adamantly loyal to his employers. So long as they pay on time and do not breach agreed-upon guidelines as stated in contract. That said, he does not go out of his way to serve their interests, unless it serves him and Blackthorn’s interests first.

Ter does not tolerate dissent in the ranks and punishes swiftly and severely any insubordination.

Second in command:
-Lieutenant Commander Dante Vayard, human male, fighter.

Third in command:
-Lieutenant Malakai Corvas, human male, rogue.

Notable Operatives:
-The Triplets: Laen, Yrsa, and Geron Bautre. human.

Notable Former Operatives:
-Morika Emberfade, f half-ventan. Current Guildmaster of The Thieves Guild

The BlackThorn Company

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