The Arcanists Collective

Arcanistsweb.png-Territory: The Moonlit Isle, with chapters in every country except Firecrown (as decreed by the Fleet)*
-Leader: Vryaen Moonspire Hale
-Domains: mages for hire, contracted research and development, enchanting, warding, custom spells

Though many view the Arcanists as mercenaries, Archmage Hale’s first loyalties are to research and to Skieholm. He has no qualms about breaking agreements in the name of self-service.

The Collective does not work as a unit, but as individuals. Each member can accept contracts at his or her discretion. Members accept responsibility for their own actions, for good or ill.

Membership allows magic users easy access to a variety of work offers, in exchange for a small percentage of pay. Additional training and unrestricted access to the largest library in the world are perks afforded to members in good standing.

Many apply for apprenticeship with the Collective, and most are accepted. Full membership requires a lengthy trial and evaluation process, and is much more selective.

*Admiral Kenghym forbids a Collective Chapter located in Firecrown, but frequently hires mages to serve aboard his ships when he is short on magic-users.

Dean of Admissions:
-Thana Winterlight Firstfire Springleaf Moonspire, altan wizard, female. (crowd control and support specialization) Hale holds ultimate veto power on all potential apprentice candidates. He courted Thana relentlessly for many years before backing off. Thana is related to Ter’s wife.

Head Historian:
-Jadar Seastrider Silverwing Knotwood Blueiron Rosethorn Firstfire Shyriver, altan male.
Exceedingly old. exceptional will and intelligence. peaceful and of the mind to share knowledge with any who seek it, regardless of allegiance. frustrates Hale at times.

-Rikna Moonspire Blackarrow Silverwing, altan male.
Foremost expert in dragon knowledge and lore, specifically regarding Azaal. Grew up in Oriashan.

The Arcanists Collective

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