Syraad (the grey wastes)
-Abbreviation: SD
-Demonym: Syraada, “the forsaken”
-Flag: (none official)
-Capital: (none known)
-Major cities: Greytowyr, Stormcall
-Government: (no unified government)
-Populations: ombran elf, orc, kobold, goblin, others
-Factions Present: Shadeweavers
-Chief Exports: none

Characterized by mangrove swamps, salt flats, and rocky barren land in the north along the Battlement Range.

A dark, twisted marshland consuming the coastline south and west of Rylanden and Kelsian. The Battlement mountain range creates Syraad’s Northern border. Populated by ombran elves, orcs, kobolds, goblins, and others not interested in any government. Rumored to control a sundered rift on the south island, but unconfirmed. It is generally believed that many of the cities in Syraad have complete undercities beneath them, all part of the Sundered Realm.

The order of the Shadeweavers has a strong presence here, primarily for the reason that they are undisturbed and may conduct whatever research they wish. The Shadeweavers are friends and allies to the Ombran elves.


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