The Hierarchy of Avali Deities:

High (Alta) Spirits, Upper Council (Konsilantaro A’Suprej)

High spirits of Light (Alta Lumi)
-Chrayis: The Great Sky (Grandachielo) Spirit, the First God.
-Violika: The Moonlight (LunaLumi) Spirit, the Shy River (SingenaRivera) Goddess.

High spirits of Shade (Alta Ombro)
-Sunia: The Sunlight (SunaLumi) Spirit, the Golden Ember (OriCindra) Goddess.
-Astraele: The StelaLumi (Starlight) Spirit, the Fleeting Wind (HezitemaVenta) Goddess.

Ascendant (Asendi) Spirits; Middle Council (Konsilantaro A’Mezej)

-Raelerax: The Air (Aera) Spirit, the Unbound Aether (NelimiKosmo) demi-God.

Ascendant spirits of Light (Asendi Lumi)
-Meovar: The Ocean (Oseano) Spirit, the VastAkva (Expansive Water) demi-Goddess. Counterpart of Wyereth.
-Xelen: The Fauna Spirit, the Creature’s Steward (KurasEstulo) demi-God. Counterpart of Barese.

Ascendant spirits of Shade (Asendi Ombro)
-Wyereth: The Earth (Grundo) Spirit, the Stalwart Mountain (NeshangigeMonta) demi-God. Counterpart of Meovar.
-Barese: The Flora Spirit, the Gracious Harvest (DonacemRikoltaja) demi-Goddess. Counterpart of Xelen.

Familiar (Konateka) Spirits; Lower Council(Konsilantaro A’Malgrandaj)

[The 4 seasonal (Sezon) Spirits are considered higher ranking than all other Konateka Spirits. They were the first to leave the reincarnation cycle.]

Seasonal spirits of Light (Sezon Lumi)
-Zanen: the Somero Spirit, the warm earth patron.
[F] Counterpart of Dyrak.
-Yaarana: the Printempo Spirit, the gentle rain patron.
[F] Counterpart of Rojs.

Seasonal spirits of Shade (Sezon Ombro)
-Dyrak: the Winter (Vintro) Spirit, the ice wind patron.
[M] Counterpart of Zanen.
-Rojs: the Autuno Spirit, the fading light patron.
[M] Counterpart of Yaarana.

Familiar spirits of Light (Konateka Lumi)
-Mosaryn: the Healer (Sanigi) Spirit, the curing hand patron. [M] (counterpart of Maradea)
*able to cure ills and injury with a touch.

-Ferrvahn: the Battle (Batali) Spirit, the warrior’s heart patron [M] (counterpart of Ivos)
*unmatched before or since in tactics and ferocity in battle.

-Thadrik: the Warding (Antaŭgardi) Spirit, the unshakable wall patron [M] (counterpart of Tagra)
*utterly fearless guard, with supernatural ability to alter his apparent mass to become immovable.

-Kamerle: the Laborer (Laborema) Spirit, the worker’s burden patron [F] (counterpart of Tereyathan)

-Tesajn: the Blood (Sango) Spirit, the noble fallen patron [F] (counterpart of Minea)

-Paral: the Devoted Love (SindonemAmi) Spirit, the heart’s champion patron [M] (counterpart of Vaalath)

-Chilnas: the Favorable Winds (BonVente) Spirit, the outspread wings patron [F] (counterpart of Lanzir)
*control over winds and to a lesser extent, weather patterns in general. especially noted for sailing and falconry.

-Vikt: the Lucky (Bonshancon) Spirit, the smile of chance patron [M] (counterpart of Terjath)

-Velahliah: the Academic (Akademia) Spirit, the seeker of knowledge patron. [F] (Counterpart of Khazan)
*eidetic memory. said to have compiled the original library of moonspire, reading each tome or scroll once to forever commit it to memory, then meticulously file it into her collection.

Familiar spirits of Shade (Konateka Ombro)
-Maradea: the Death Steward (MortStevardo) Spirit, the keeper of the dead patron [F] (counterpart of Mosaryn)
*ability to prevent and reverse necromancy and other forms of undeath.

-Ivos: the Peace (Paza) Spirit, the brotherhood patron [M] (Counterpart of Ferrvahn)
*compelling diplomat able to negotiate peace between any faction.

-Tagra: the Voyager (Vojaganto) Spirit, the safe passage patron [M] (counterpart of Thadrik)
*could see in his mind’s eye the best route to take to any destination, including the precognition of dangers, weather, food/water. those travelling with him would do so in safety.

-Tereyathan: the Vine (Vino) Spirit, the cask master patron [F] (counterpart of Kamerle)

-Minea: the Song (Kanto) Spirit, the eternal melody patron [F] (counterpart of Tesajn)

-Vaalath: the Shadow Veil (Kaŝombro) Spirit, the stealthy hunter patron [M] (counterpart of Paral)

-Lanzir: the Sharp-Eyed (Ekceli) Spirit, the unwavering focus patron [M] (counterpart of Chilnas)

-Terjath: the Treasure (Trezor) Spirit, the golden chalice patron [M] (counterpart of Vikt)

-Khazan: the Desire (Deziri) Spirit, the carnal pleasure patron.[M] (counterpart of Velahliah)

The Upper Council (Konsilantaro A’Suprej):
*High or Alta Spirits are the protectors of Avala, her moons, and the other spirits. They are considered full or complete, and therefore do not have counterparts. All complete spirits are considered “old gods” or “those who came first”.

The Middle Council (Konsilantaro A’Mezej):
*Ascendant or Asendi Spirits are closely related to Alta Spirits, and are poised to rule over a specific aspect of Avala’s natural order. Raelerax is the only complete soul of the middle council and is thus not considered an Asendi spirit, the 4 Asendi Spirits have counterparts.

Lower Council (Konsilantaro A’Malgrandaj):
*Familiar (Konateka) Spirits are believed to be the spirits of some of the oldest mortal beings to have lived on Avala. They were once members of regular races. Their spirits became old and wise enough to transcend the rebirth process and become patrons of a specific realm. The Familiar Spirits are paired, as they could not have left the reincarnation cycle without a counterpart.


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