Stonescale is the ancestral home of all dwarves, deep under the Kvara mountains. Kvara society is divided into 3 main tiers: Miners, Crafters, and Traders.

The Mining houses pass down maps generation to generation. each house mines a specific mineral and “rank” in society is based on the value of the mineral one’s house mines. Mining houses are thought of as the lifeblood of Dwarves and the great explorers. it is also the task of the Miner houses to regulate and keep order with the sundered rift of Sunia’s Hubris.

The Crafter houses tend to specialize in one or two items, but do not ranks themselves based on what they create. Miner houses look down on Crafters, believing any dwarf can do what they do. Crafter houses look on the Miners as just being born into what they have, inheriting the maps and mineral rights of their house.

There is only one Trader house: Coaldark. Originally a miner house, they were banished and all rights stripped after they stumbled across a vein of copper and did not bring it to the attention of the Kuprin house. Now they are the sole contact point of all Kvara and the surface world. The Outlander dwarves of the Southern Lands are descendants of house Coaldark.

The Outlander dwarves of the Southern Lands are descendants of house Coaldark, the sole surface Trader house to the Kvara. After Coaldark’s banishment to the surface, a few members of the house decided they wanted nothing to do with Kvara any more and traveled south. The original settlement was in the mountains of south Kelsian. Eventually spreading into the Battlements in Rylanden and across the desert into Corrias. Today, Corrian dwarves are also called Hill Dwarves and do not live underground at all.

Unlike the Kvara, Outlander dwarves do not follow strict house designations as to societal role. Any dwarf can pursue whatever he or she wishes. The only dwarf warriors are outlanders. The Kels dwarves protect and regulate the sundered rift known as the Eye of the Abyss. Rylan dwarves work with Syraada as well as Rylans.


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