All dragonborns were created by the Greater Dragon, the Aera Spirit, Raelerax. They thus worship him above all others.

Dragons are rare on Avala, and feared and dreaded by most except the dragonborns and altan elves. Rael’Na is home to most of the dragons on the planet. dragonborns call their higher kin Mother or Father, in respect.

dragonkind speak draconic and all have some basic grasp of spellcraft. Dragons are naturally immortal. They may hibernate for centuries at a time in caves, buried beneath forests, even underwater. It seems dragonborn traded their dexterity and humanoid forms for a stunted lifespan, even shorter than humans. dragonborn used to keep safe the hibernating dragons, but as their own numbers dwindled, so too did their higher kin. much of the dragonlore kept by the ancient Raela is now lost. sadly, the altan know more dragonlore than the dragonborns now.

dragons are far older than man or elf, or any of the mortals in whom inhabit the lesser spirits. raelerax respected the great beasts and chose them to receive his control over the arcane ebb and flow of avala’s magic. the dragonborn were created much later, and are the youngest of the spirit vessels. Dragons are the pinnacle of magic users and the oldest among them are beyond doubt the wisest creatures on Avala.

Known dragons of Avala:

-Azaal, the silver: protector of The Moonlit Isle.
-Rigarnox, the black: head of Rael’Na’s ruling tribe Bladewing.
-Tyliavix, of the deep: sleeping beneath the Dragonwing sea, protected by tribe Firewind.
-Uraxes, the stonebound: sleeping beneath the northern Kvara mountain range.
-Vexaruun, the gilded: sleeping in the dawning, along the rocky coast of southwest Sioran.
-Behrakel, the sanguine: living on the southern island of Syraad.


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