Belief System

Counterparts and Reincarnation:
The Avali belief system is based on a paired reincarnation cycle. All lesser spirits are part of a complete spirit and have a counterpart, throughout time immemorial. (The Six are the only complete spirits known) Spirits in the mortal realm inhabit physical forms, but are not bound to gender or race. When a being dies, the spirit leaves the body and enters the Hall of Rest to await rebirth. Under normal circumstances, rebirth follows the order of those spirits waiting after death. Certain spells and rituals exist to bind a spirit to a specific rebirth target. The Alta spirits and Raelerax can also change the order of the reincarnation cycle.

Rituals also exist to disrupt the cycle, leaving a spirit unbound and unable to rejoin the cycle in a physical body. While spirits cannot be killed, an unbound spirit cannot travel between realms nor ever become elevated. The separation of an unbound spirit and their counterpart is believed to be painful, and will cause both the unbound and their counterpart to abandon everything to search for the other. Spirits can also be trapped in or bound to objects, preventing them from reincarnation.

If two mortals with counterpart spirits ever meet, they will feel the connection immediately. The bond is described as stronger than both romantic and familial love, but completely separate. This is extremely rare, and only a handful of accounts exist of it ever occurring. Kanna Sama (two the same) is the term coined for mortals who have found their spirit’s counterpart. It is said that Kanna Sama fight with an unequalled ferocity together, share awareness, and can heal one another. The combined blood of a Kanna Sama pair is believed to be the most powerful magic source known to mortals.

Once spirits have lived long enough and gathered enough wisdom, knowledge, and skill, they may be able to elevate beyond the reincarnation cycle. These spirits become familiar (Konateka) spirits or council to higher spirits. Only Kanna Sama can leave the reincarnation cycle, together. If one of the two is not ready, or in rare cases unwilling, the other cannot leave the cycle. The counterpart of an unbound is forever fated to wander incomplete with no hope of elevation. The Lightseekers are extremely interested in any Kanna Sama pairs, and can often read the spirits to see if they are indeed preparing to leave the cycle. A dedicated sect of Lightseekers specializes in spirit reading and Kanna Sama. (Readers of Elevation – Legi Plialtig’An) All Kanna Sama spirits are suspected to be preparing to leave the cycle.

If a Kanna Sama pair is indeed ready to elevate, The Lightseekers perform a grand and elaborate Rite of Elevation. This ritual prepares the spirits, asks the higher councils to welcome their elevation, and blesses the mortal families of the pair with good fortune. The Kanna Sama then join hands and drink of a narcotic poison, inducing a euphoric dream state that kills them painlessly. The spirits leave the reincarnation cycle together and elevate to whatever station the higher councils deem fitting.

A dark sorcerer’s guild, the Order of the Shadeweavers, also seeks Kanna Sama pairs and spirits nearing elevation. They seek to perform rituals to trap the spirits separately and harvest the blood of the pair, effectively preventing new familiar spirits from transcending the cycle. It is speculated that there are many stored jars of potent Joined Blood and spirits bound to gems hidden somewhere in the realms. the blood and the bound spirits can be used to power incredible rituals and spells.

Not many scholars or mages are willing to study the beliefs and history of the Shadeweavers, for fear of becoming one. No one dares to openly acknowledge that they could in fact be serving Vanahe to someday stop Chrayis’ reincarnation cycle completely.

Belief System

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