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  • Irian Zaurret

    Exceedingly patient and calm, he knows most outside the Order do not accept or understand his beliefs. Irian is old enough to be considered wise, but young enough still to be flexible and lenient. Most find him abhorrent for his practices and beliefs, as …

  • Seldsfryn Helvizynge

    Born and raised in the Greytowyr undercity, “Helvi” began training as a warrior as soon as he could lift a blade. His skill and looks caught the attention of a Priestess (Shriala Auvryndar), who bought him from his mother at age 50. He served his …

  • Neeragh the Gray

    Neeragh is believed to be Kenghym's son, though the Admiral denies the rumor. Wild speculations as to who the mother is include Morika Emberfade, Kendra T, and various whores Kenghym patronizes.