Irian Zaurret

Order of the Shadeweavers High Shade


-Full Name: Irian Zaurret Mournvale
-Race: half ombran, half altan elf
-Gender: male
-Age: 179
-Birthplace: Greytowyr, Syraad
-Skin: pale smoke grey
-Hair: silver
-Eyes: hazel flecked with red
-Build: average height, slim build
-Distinguishing Features: clearly half ombran, half altan – which causes much unease and mistrust from everyone, including both parent races.


Exceedingly patient and calm, he knows most outside the Order do not accept or understand his beliefs. Irian is old enough to be considered wise, but young enough still to be flexible and lenient. Most find him abhorrent for his practices and beliefs, as well as his “unusual” lineage. Irian has never, and likely will never, belong to any society outside the Order. Both parents were Shadeweavers.

Harbors pity toward Ovhurst for being Streiklund’s puppet. Mutual respect is shared between himself and Admiral Kenghym, but Irian is aware of Kenghym’s superstitions regarding the Order, and maintains distance. Irian is an indirect relative of Ter.

(Irian is an altan given name. Zaurret means “Children of the Void” in the ombran tongue.)

Irian Zaurret

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