Vryaen Moonspire Hale

Arcanist’s Collective Archmage


-Full Name: Vryaen Moonspire Hale
-Race: half altan elf
-Gender: male
-Age: 301
-Birthplace: Skieholm, Azran
-Skin: fair
-Hair: Honey gold
-Eyes: deep green
-Build: tall and thin
-Distinguishing Features:


An older man with a cavalier attitude. he was born and raised in Skieholm and takes every opportunity to tell listeners. (an illegitimate lovechild of a librarian and a steward. he is also a nephew of the Head Librarian) Vryaen is accepting of the more fringe and taboo schools of magic as long as the practitioner makes a case for the necessity. he finds non magic-users pathetic and undisciplined, therefore loves taking their coin for services rendered. one of the few archmages in the collective’s long history to continue doing field work. he is also a substantial contributor to the Library of the Moonspire.

Dislikes Ter with a passion for being a common mercenary when he is full altan and a master swordmage. Vryaen has no thoughts or opinions on any other faction, as long as they don’t cross him.

Vryaen Moonspire Hale

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