The Triplets

BlackThorn Operatives


The Seer, the Listener, and the Speaker are a trio of siblings gifted and cursed with extraordinary abilities.

The Seer is blind, but sees visions of the future.
The Listener is deaf, but hears people’s thoughts.
The Speaker is mute, but can force others to speak.


Laen, Geron, and Yrsa were born the younger children of a wealthy merchant in the heart of Corrias. Many years of neglect and one-upmanship on the part of their older sister turned the triplets from despondent children to desperate teens. In an act of foolhardy entitlement, the three attempted to form a pact with the goddess Astraele’A, begging her to grant them abilities to better their situation.

Laen desired “eyes sharp as a hawk, so that I might see danger before it befalls me.”
Geron wished for “sensitivity of ear, so that I might identify treachery before it claims me.”
Yrsa pleaded for “the gift of speechcraft, so that I might coax the truth from the lips of my foes.”

Astraele’A was both intrigued and aghast at the hubris of the young mortals, and decided to manifest her power in the triplets. She took Laen’s eyes, but gave him startling visions, unclear as to time and place, but all accurate. She rent away Geron’s ears, replacing his auditory function with the invasive interior monologues of those around him. She struck useless Yrsa’s vocal cords, instead allowing her to force speech from others – by gesturing to manipulate throat and jaw.

The triplets were incoherent when they came to in the Temple of the Fleeting Wind and were placed under supervisory care of the monks. It was many months before they pieced together their gifts. Their mother visited fairly regularly at first, father and sister appeared rarely. Time passed and visits became sparse, until their mother died and their father and sister cut ties with “the freaks.” The trio spent years in the care of the monks, carefully attuning themselves to their new afflictions and abilities. Once sufficiently confident, the triplets left the temple, and Corrias, to seek their fortunes.

Laen is moody and prone to violent outbursts. He sleeps in short fitful busts when his body can no longer sustain him, but the nightmares and visions keep him from restfulness. He depends on his siblings, but is often verbally abusive; taking out his frustration and exhausted stress on them, especially Geron. Laen greatly appreciates Geron. The ability to scream curses at his twin while his heart breaks and his focus falters, and knowing Geron can only hear the pain and inner torment Laen feels – it keeps Laen from losing it completely. Yrsa often cannot tolerate Laen’s anger. When he is in a particularly bad mood, Laen likes to yell insults directed at her, since she cannot respond.

Geron is quiet, sensitive, and reserved. He can speak, but does not do so often. Adding another voice to the din of his mind does not appeal to him. Geron has taken to meditation in order to push away the noise of his head, but even then it is never truly gone. He supposes if he were to seclude himself far enough from anyone else, he wouldn’t hear any thought but his own. Duty to his siblings prevents him from pursuing the life of a hermit. He takes care of Laen in what his brother cannot do, like hair and beard maintenance. Since Geron does not hear the words of what his twin speaks, but the thoughts behind them, he does not mind being yelled at. He and Yrsa have a better relationship than she and Laen do, since she can communicate her feelings and wishes with Geron easily.

Yrsa is the most independant of the three. she is sharply observant and cunning. Not tormented with invasive visions or other’s thoughts, she does not commiserate with her brother’s difficulties and comes off as insensitive. Yrsa feels the world owes her, and intends to make as much coin as possible. She is self-serving, but loyal to those she enters into agreements with. She is close with Geron, since he is the only person she can “talk” to without resorting to pen and paper. He knows she is kinder than she lets on. Laen hates being around when she and Geron communicate since all Laen can hear is Geron’s side of it. Yrsa and Laen do not communicate directly at all, in fact. Yrsa does have a small tubular bell and striker, using one hit for an affirmative, and two for negative. She does not use it often, however. She is very jealous of Laen and Geron’s relationship, often feeling bitter that they do not truly need her, only each other. (Geron knows this of course, but does not divulge Yrsa’s spitefulness)

The three are young adults, and work as mercenaries within The BlackThorn Company. Recently contracted as advisors to Clan Valko in Kelsian.

The Triplets

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