Terixel Blueiron

BlackThorn Company Commander


-Full Name: Terixel “Ter” Mournvale Silversun Raincall Blueiron
-Race: altan elf
-Gender: male
-Age: 121
-Birthplace: Siorith’sanas, Sioran
-Skin: light tan
-Hair: red
-Eyes: silver grey
-Build: average height, athletic build (muscular for an elf)
-Distinguishing Features: Altan Mastery Marks of a Swordmage – intricate patterns of runes branded into both ears.


Ter Blueiron is young and confidant. he left the dawning almost immediately after receiving his Mastery Marks of Swordmage (House Blueiron) – as made evident by the intricate scarring/branding inside both ears.

Genial personality, very professional in keeping true to contracts despite personal beliefs. Commander Blueiron is adamantly loyal to his employers. So long as they pay on time and do not breach agreed-upon guidelines as stated in contract. That said, he does not go out of his way to serve their interests, unless it serves him and Blackthorn’s interests first. Ter does not tolerate dissent in the ranks and punishes swiftly and severely any insubordination.

The Triplets are his pride in the company and he treats them almost as his own children. High Shade Irian Zaurret is a distant relative through House Mournvale, though neither have bothered to do the geneological mapping. Unknown to many, Morika Emberfade was a Blackthorn operative concurrent with her early days working for Baron. Only she and Ter seem to know what soured her on the Company, and they are not eager to share.

Ter is known for his fiery red hair and Master’s marks. He is a family man with wife, a son and daughter in Sioran.

Wife: Janess Dawnwisp Moonspire Winterlight
Son: Taleth “Tal” Blueiron
Daughter: Hashali Winterlight

Terixel Blueiron

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