Alon Sundown

Pirate Captain of Dawning Glory


-Full Name: Marafarrin’Alondaeth “Alon” Sundown
-Title: Captain of Dawning Glory
-Race: Kashan elf
-Gender: male
-Age: 158
-Birthplace: Black Shoal, Rylanden
-Skin: light tan
-Hair: black
-Eyes: green
-Build: average height & muscular, big for an elf
-Distinguishing Features: Missing top portion of right ear. wide uneven black tattoos across backs of both hands.

Despite his age, he tends to be a hard worker with a defeatist attitude. Has a hard time seeing the bigger picture. Makes snap decisions based on feelings without thinking them through, but often too proud to admit he’s wrong. Jealous type.


As a young man, Sundown was recognized by his tribe as a Master of the forge, and received the corresponding marks: a series of symbols branded into the top of his right ear and across the backs of both hands.

Sundown became an unmaster and exiled from his tribe in Rylanden when he was discovered to be making weapons for Syraad. [His contact had been Obren Giltblade, who later recommended Sundown for recruitment into the Pirate Fleet.] To show his status as unmaster, the top third of Sundown’s right ear was cut off and both hand marks were overburned and charcoal rubbed into the wounds.

He is the first, and so far only, full-blooded kashan in the Fleet. He and Kendra have what some would call a long-term relationship. Sundown and the few dwarves aboard The Rat Bastard do much of the repairs and retrofittings for the Fleet.

Dawning Glory is all that remains of the first and last attempt by the Fleet to raid The elven kingdoms. The ship was taken in Stormheart Sea, but Azaal the guardian dragon of the Moonlit Isle decimated three vessels and damaged a fourth (Tagra’s Favor) before the fleet could retreat. The fleet has not yet replenished to its original ten ship outfit.

Alon Sundown

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