Lawrence Streiklund II

King-Emperor of the Streik Empire


-Full Name: Lawrence Streiklund II
-Race: human
-Gender: male
-Age: 43
-Birthplace: Thaelos, Corrias
-Skin: fair
-Hair: black
-Eyes: hazel
-Build: slim
-Distinguishing Features:


Ages, birth order, basic details of the Streiklund royal family:

43 – Lawrence II, King-Emperor of the Streik Empire. Black hair, hazel eyes.
97 – Arithinna Silverflame, Queen of the Streik Empire. Golden hair, green eyes.
22 – Lawrence III, Crown Prince of the Streik Empire. Black hair, green eyes.
19 – Dominik, Prince of Corrias. auburn hair, hazel eyes.
18 – Mae, Baroness of Prels. Brunette hair, green eyes.
15 – Petyr, (Prince of Rylanden) Black hair, hazel eyes.
13 – Jakob, (Prince of the Streik Empire) Black hair, hazel eyes.
12- Selen, (Princess of the Streik Empire) Twin of Jonatin. Black hair, green eyes.
12- Jonatin, (Prince of the Streik Empire) Twin of Selen. Dark brown hair, green eyes.

Extended family relations:
20 – Vanda Langley, Crown Princess of the Streik Empire. Arranged wife of Prince Lawrence III. Second child of Lord Viscount Valerian Langley.
15 – Niama Valko, Princess of Clan Valko. Heiress to the largest land-holding in the Kelsian Territory. Betrothed of Prince Dominik.
32 – Axel Kraes, Baron of Prels. Arranged husband of Princess Mae.
16 – Linlee Greymor, lady of the Countship of Rylanden. Eldest child of Count Lance Greymor. Betrothed of Prince Petyr.

Lawrence Streiklund II

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