Neeragh the Gray

Pirate Captain of The Wrath of Meovar


-Full Name: Neeragh the Gray (Kenghym)
-Title: Captain of The Wrath of Meovar
-Race: half-ombran
-Gender: male
-Age: unknown, young – barely an adult
-Birthplace: unknown
-Skin: soft grey
-Hair: silver
-Eyes: blood red
-Build: slim but strong, slightly taller than avg elf male
-Distinguishing Features: skin, hair, and eye colors give him away as a half-ombran

(Neeragh means Strength-Breaker in the Ombran tongue.)


Neeragh is believed to be Kenghym’s son, though the Admiral denies the rumor. Wild speculations as to who the mother is include Morika Emberfade, Kendra T, and various whores Kenghym patronizes.

Neeragh the Gray

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