Morika Emberfade

Thieves Guildmaster


-Full Name: Morika Emberfade (Alyrin)
-Race: half ventan elf
-Gender: female
-Age: 55
-Birthplace: Southerly, Corrias
-Skin: golden tan
-Hair: black
-Eyes: amber
-Build: 5’7" slim build
-Distinguishing Features: keeps half her hair shorn, in the tradition of the Chosen Dishonored.


(dishonored, formerly of the Alyrin Tribe in Corrias)

Morika always caused trouble and was too bold and curious for her rather traditional and isolated tribe’s liking. she learned much of her sneak and pickpocketing before she decided to leave. as a way to see other societies without being caught. she befriended a gnome rogue/shopkeep in Corrias near the Streik border. when she announced to her tribe she began working as a mercenary in the city, Morika was exiled. she now keeps the half shorn hair of the chosen dishonored and started thieving and fencing for the gnome: aging Thieves Guildmaster Baron Twinkletoes. After several years of Morika working jobs for the Guild, Morika became Guildmaster. The Guild’s “patron” in Streik is a wealthy silk and textiles merchant named Maurice Angelico (The Angelico Traders sell to royalty and nobles in the empire. Now one of the only merchants who can sail along the entire coast of the Southern Lands without running afoul of the Fleet.)

More recently the guild struck a deal with the current dwarven leader in Four Peak, Axel Kuprin, selling artifacts and gems mined. The guild also have good relations with The Pirate Fleet and have a liaison in the Hand of Vaalath, Valaire Palemoon Thurston. Morika offered Valaire’s true name, the women are long-time friends. Morika and Ter of BlackThorn don’t like each other but their groups don’t interact much. Unknown to many, Morika was a Blackthorn operative concurrent with her early days working for Baron. only she and Ter seem to know what soured her on the Company, and they are not eager to share.

Morika Emberfade

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