Valdiirn Kenghym

Pirate Fleet Admiral


-Full Name: Valdiirn Kenghym
-Race: ombran elf
-Gender: male
-Age: unknown, middle aged
-Birthplace: Stormcall, Syraad
-Skin: dark charcoal gray
-Hair: white
-Eyes: deep crimson
-Build: average height and build.
-Distinguishing Features: several earrings in each ear and a septum ring. Blade scars on right forearm, left side chest, right lower ribs, and throat.

(In the ombran tongue, Valdiirn Kenghym means Dark Brother, Sworn to the Forgotten Ways)

tends to be hardest on those he likes. harsh and no-nonsense to “new bloods”, until they’ve broken in and he can tell they will pull their weight without constant supervision. Will sic Ghar on particularly troublesome crewmen. May sic Daral Thanamer on a troublemaker as a last resort. Delegates work effectively and expects a lot from his best. On ship he is usually all business. off-ship he loosens up significantly. lecherous drunken loudmouth with a quick wit.


Kenghym was cast out of his society for pursuing magic, a role above his lowly station. He left the Grey Wastes alone and bitter.

Valdiirn Kenghym

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