Kendra the Tempest

Pirate Captain of The GaleStrider


-Full Name: Kendra “the Tempest” Valkoprava
-Title: Captain of The GaleStrider
-Race: human
-Gender: female
-Age: 27
-Birthplace: Prava Vintro, Kelsian
-Skin: fair, some freckles
-Hair: auburn
-Eyes: ice blue
-Build: petite
-Distinguishing Features: slight build and mane of red hair make her stand out.

Still young and naive in many ways, foolhardy. She can take care of herself, but existing as part of an organization is still new to her. Gets her feelings hurt easily. Likes to play the sassy confident girl in the boy’s club, but secretly fears she is not taken seriously and worries she’ll get in over her head. Has a good relationship with Morika Emberfade, they’re becoming like sisters. Not as cold and calculating as Morika, but getting there fast.


Kendra T. was fending for herself since age 14, working as a smuggler and merc since age 16. By the time she was 20, Kendra captained her own small ship, The Kels Luck, running between KS, CR, and RD. A few years of successful running along the northern coast of the Southern Lands, until one summer her ship was disabled by The Rat Bastard. Valdiirn Kenghym himself then boarded to assess crew and cargo. He was planning on raping and killing the young captain. He made the mistake of turning his back for just a second, to give his first mate orders. Kendra had a dagger to his throat before he got two words out. She gave a quick signal to her men to abandon ship, then pressed the blade til it bit and whispered in his ear “Take me with you, I’ll make a better pirate than a corpse.” (the origin of Kenghym’s throat scar)

He was so impressed by her brazen act, and her speed with the blade, he accepted with one condition: he must know her willingness to loyally follow him. He ordered her burn her ship. She did.

Kendra and Admiral Kenghym were lovers for a time, while she served aboard The Red Star. She is the one who ended it, saying it lessened her position as a true member of the crew and any advancement he gave her would look like favoritism. As a Captain, she refuses to sleep with anyone on her own crew, even casually, but frequently shares her bed with Sundown.

So far, Kendra is the only female member of the Fleet.

Kendra the Tempest

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