Keeral Splinterfang

Hand of Vaalath Vanguard


-Full Name: Keeral Splinterfang
-Race: dragonborn
-Gender: male
-Age: 26
-Birthplace: DragonSpine, Rael’Na, Stonescale
-Skin: dark sandy tan scales
-Hair: none (dark grey brown crest)
-Eyes: orange
-Build: 7’2" average build
-Distinguishing Features: several laceration scars radiating across brow, nose, cheek.


As a young man Keeral traveled with The Pirate Fleet and made nice with them before deciding a raider’s life was not his true calling. Keeral served aboard the Wrath of Meovar for several years. He is one of the few living former pirates of the Fleet. He maintains friendly ties with Kenghym and the two stay out of each other’s affairs. [Kenghym does not make a habit of letting sailors leave service, too much confidential information at risk. Keeral is an exception rather than the norm.]

Keeral took over as master of the assassins when he killed his father and twin. Everyone admires him for the coupe since no one saw it coming but everyone agreed it needed to happen. Former Chief Kol Splinterfang had become lazy and was easily bribed. Keeral’s twin Laarek was too mired in his own wavering morals to ever fully commit to the organization.

Keeral’s distinctive facial scars are from being glassed in a bar fight during his pirate days.

Keeral Splinterfang

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