Seldsfryn Helvizynge

Pirate Captain of The Sassy Courtesan


-Full Name: Seldsfryn “Helvi” Helvizynge
-Title: Captain of The Sassy Courtesan
-Race: ombran elf
-Gender: male
-Age: 126
-Birthplace: Greytowyr, Syraad
-Skin: dk grey with lavender undertones
-Hair: white
-Eyes: fire red-orange
-Build: avg height, lean build
-Distinguishing Features: large brand scar on left side chest, showing he is the property of a specific ombran Priestess.

(In the ombran tongue, Seldsfryn Helvizynge means Sworn Champion, Those Above the Ruins.)

some would call him lazy, but that’s not quite it. he dislikes doing anything he feels is unnecessary. drinking is his biggest vice, followed closely by lust. He rarely refuses an offer to bed, male or female. he flirts constantly and unabashedly with whoever tolerates it. but when the situation calls for it, he is a focused warrior and iron willed.


Born and raised in the Greytowyr undercity, “Helvi” began training as a warrior as soon as he could lift a blade. His skill and looks caught the attention of a Priestess (Shriala Auvryndar), who bought him from his mother at age 50.

He served his Mistress as bodyguard, slave, pet, and lover for many years. While he was treated better than many male ombran, he wanted more. One night, after sneaking several drinks of his Lady’s wine, his pent-up anger got the better of him. When Helvi was beckoned over to give his Priestess a back massage, he snapped her neck instead. Knowing he would be given a slow death most could only conjure in nightmares, he fled. Helvi made it to the surface district before anyone found the dead Priestess, and he was long gone into the night as his pursuers combed the city streets.

Helvi lent his skill to a goblin raiding party, and traveled with them well into Rylanden. The party was broken up and most killed in a skirmish with local town guards. Helvi was able to get himself to Windsong and stowed aboard a ship headed to The Firecrown Islands. In the tiefling capital, Helvi worked the shipyards and made the acquaintance of Valdiirn Kenghym and Ghar FirstBlood. A few years later, he was recruited to the Fleet.

Helvi is a raging alcoholic. He was originally captain of one of the Fleet’s cargo ships, Tagra’s Favor, but had to be moved since he would systematically drink all the booze they stored. He now brews his own mead and has a still in his cabin.

Seldsfryn Helvizynge

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