Obren Giltblade

Pirate Captain of Tagra’s Favor


-Full Name: Obren Giltblade
-Title: Captain of Tagra’s Favor
-Race: half-orc
-Gender: male
-Age: 39
-Birthplace: Vana’An, Syraad
-Skin: olive
-Hair: dk brown with grey temples
-Eyes: yellow
-Build: bulky
-Distinguishing Features: a few gold teeth including one tusk

practical and a bit forward. this sometimes gets him into fights with those who dislike being told they’re wrong or do not want advice. has a dad or advisor relationship with many in the fleet, none more than Sundown.


Grew up near the border of Rylanden, son of a blacksmith. when his father died, Obren ventured into RD looking for work of some kind. He began collecting weapons and tools discarded or stolen from human settlements. thus became a weapons dealer in Syraad. A particular blade, of superior craftsmanship and design, fetched a high price and the notice of a well-paying merc band. Obren traced the maker to Black Shoal, RD. Working through an intermediary, he and the smith became quite wealthy selling to the mercs in Syraad. Though they never met in person, Giltblade and the smith, known only as Sundown, continued correspondence after Obren stopped dealing and joined the fleet. When Sundown was cast out of his society for selling his blades to Syraad, Giltblade recommended him to the Fleet and they finally met face to face.

Giltblade and Sundown remain friends and confidants.

Obren Giltblade

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