Vurtam Fulgur

Pirate Captain of The Dragon’s Claw


-Full Name: Vurtam Fulgur
-Title: Captain of The Dragon’s Claw
-Race: dragonborn
-Gender: male
-Age: 57
-Birthplace: Drakonden, Rael’Na
-Skin: dk grey and black scales
-Hair: (black crest)
-Eyes: pale blue
-Build: wirey, very tall and thin
-Distinguishing Features:

former Rael’Na military commander


Fulgur is an old grizzled dragonborn war veteran. As a gesture to Valdiirn Kenghym for recruitment consideration, he negotiated the “donation” of The Dragon’s Claw with dragonborn leader Rekviem Bladewing. the dragonborns aboard were soldiers formerly under Fulgur’s command and followed when he joined the Fleet.

The Dragon’s Claw is the most maneuverable, and second fastest ship under the pirate banner. It is used as the scout ship of the fleet.

Vurtam Fulgur

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