Dominik Streiklund

Prince of Corrias


given name: Dominik
title name: “the Unifier”
surname: Streiklund
race: human (1/4 elf)
age: 19
gender: male
height: 6’1”
weight: 190 lbs
eyes: hazel
hair: red/auburn
skin: fair
distinguishing features: crescent shaped birthmark on back of left shoulder, scar from an arrow wound on right arm
class: Warlord (inspiring)
alignment: neutral good


Nearly every aspect of Prince Dominik’s life has been decided for him, as a prince of the single largest political power on the planet. Dominik has an older brother, Prince Lawrence III, as well as three younger brothers and two younger sisters. Their mother, Queen Arithinna, is a half-elf from the Elven Kingdom of Sioran.

He has enjoyed his 3 years as overseer of Corrias so far, and is genuinely interested in bettering the land and people’s lives. He is starting to tire of his father and the Imperial Council constantly “forcing his hand,” when they know far less about Corrias’ current events than he does. Dominik understands Corrias is still a part of the Streik Empire, but wishes his father would allow him some measure of autonomy.

Prince Dom’s arranged marriage to Princess Niama Valko was decided when he was 16 and she was 14. The Prince and Princess have met only twice, but correspond through letters. The wedding was supposed to take place when Niama reached 16 years of age, but the Valko clan have stalled nearly two years, claiming the union must occur during a time of peace in their Holdings.

Dominik Streiklund

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