Ghar Blackblood

Pirate Captain of The Red Star


-Full Name: Ghar Blackblood
-Title: Captain of The Red Star
-Race: half-orc lich
-Gender: male
-Age: 60
-Birthplace: Stormcall, Syraad
-Skin: grey
-Hair: black
-Eyes: glowing yellow (were gold)
-Build: tall and skeletal (was stocky)
-Distinguishing Features: desiccated body

In life, Ghar FirstBlood was stubborn, quick to anger, and brutish, but loyal to those he called friend. In undeath, Ghar Blackblood is stubborn, quick to anger, and brutish, but loyal to Kenghym. Blackblood is not the easiest Captain to work under, but if one follows orders and shows an ounce of pragmatism, Ghar is not hard to please. Fortune and glory are all the lich desires, as he cannot enjoy the baser pleasures of the living. He has the most apparent greed of the entire fleet, and wears much of his wealth in the form of finely tailored garments, jewels, and weapons.


After fleeing for his life from Syraad, hunted to the border of The Battlements, Ghar Firstblood met an ombran elf, Kenghym, who had similarly fled his homeland. The two traveled together through RD, initially trying to keep a low profile. An ombran and a half-orc walking the roads of human-held southern Rylan farmland was more than a little suspicious and trouble inevitably found them. So highwaymen they became. At Whiterock, they parted ways, Ghar choosing to head to the capital while Kenghym turned towards the Kels border.

Ghar took to the sea and was working as a bodyguard for a minor noble on a Rylan passenger vessel called “The Astral Queen”. It was not long though, until he saw the opportunity the tiefling kingdom afforded a man of his station. Ghar and Kenghym became re-acquainted working the docks outside the tiefling capital city of Krele.

It was 10 years of hard labor, dangerous and often less than legal. Kenghym saved his coin, kissed the right asses, and knocked the right heads. He made a name for himself and accrued a small fortune. Kenghym leapt on the chance to buy a ship, and that ship was a recently retired tiefling dreadnought. He was, however, without a crew. Ghar spent more than he saved, and ended up with a debilitating injury from a particularly nasty barfight.

Ghar was of course the first man Kenghym went to, but the half-orc’s injury assured his inability to sail. Kenghym approached Ghar with a proposition: one that would save his life, prolong it indefinitely. The ombran’s power and knowledge as a wizard of the dark arts allowed him to effectively kill Ghar and resurrect him as a lich. Ghar agreed, seeing his current future less than a life worth living. Thus Ghar Blackblood was created. Though Ghar had not the coin to invest in the ship or manpower, he did have tremendous influence among the sailors of Firecrown. A modest but fierce crew, one ship, and a ravenous hunger for fortune and power, the Pirates of The Red Star were just the beginning.

The Red Star has the strongest offensive and defensive capability. Admiral Kenghym rarely sails on any other vessel.

Ghar Blackblood

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